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Please Confirm Z-Sick Process

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    Please Confirm Z-Sick Process


    Sorry for leaving the "T" out of Stick :-) ....hoping that's not a network omen.

    I've read some of the other threads and still fell like I should ask...just to be 100% sure I won't lose anything. Sorry this is long.

    I am running the latest HS4 software on Windows 10 with all the latest patches.

    I have 4 Smartstick+ UZB's and wish to upgrade the the new G3 version to get the 700 chip. (I already have some 700 based nodes as well)

    Both the old (2015) Homeseer zstick upgrade process on You Tube and the online tutorial for HS4 show the exact same follows...

    This article is recommended only if upgrading from another Z-Wave interface.
    1. In your HS3 web interface, open PLUG-INS, then Z-Wave, then select Controller Management.
    2. Expand the listing for your interface, then select Back Up this interface from the Actions menu.
    3. Rename the backup file (if desired) and click the START button (as shown below). The operation should only take a few seconds and the word "Done" will appear when complete. Note the name of this file for later.
    4. Open PLUG-INS, then Z-Wave, then select Controller Management, and disable the interface by clicking the green check mark to the right of the interface name. A yellow and red crossed-out circle will appear, once the interface is disabled.

    5. Delete the interface from the software by clicking the delete button underneath the interface name. You must do this to avoid "Home ID" conflicts with Z-NET. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP and DO NOT ERASE YOUR EXISTING INTERFACE.
    6. Physically disconnect your existing interface from your system.
      1. Z-Troller: Disconnect the AC power supply and serial cable. REMOVE batteries.
      2. Z-Stick: Unplug the stick from its USB port. If the blue status light is blinking, then press its control button once.
    7. Store your existing interface in a safe place. This may be used as a backup should your Z-Wave interface were to ever fail.
    1. In the web interface, open the PLUG-INS drop menu, then Z-Wave, then select Controller Management.
    2. Expand the listing for your new Z-NET, then select Restore a Network to this Interface from the Actions menu.
    3. Choose the file you created here, confirm and start the restore. Your existing Z-Wave network information will be written to your Z-NET. Click the Close button when this operation is done.
    4. At this point, Z-NET should be able to control only devices that are within direct range, since the routing table was not included in the backup/restore function. To confirm this, open the Actions menu again and select Test Node Connectivity on a Network, then click Start.You should see a mixture of "successfully contacted" and "did not respond" messages, unless all nodes are within direct range of your Z-NET.
    5. Rebuilding the Routing Table: open the Actions menu and select Optimize a Network, No Return Route Changes and then click Start. This will begin the process of rebuilding your routing table, one node at a time. This may take some time to complete, depending on the size of your network. We recommend running this function at least twice to build a reliable network.
    6. Adding Return Routes: open the Actions menu and select Fully Optimize a Network. This will finalize the process of building your routing table by adding return routes from your devices back to your Z-NET or SmartStick+.

    DO I NEED THE BETA ZWAVE PLUGIN? I tried S2 with it a year ago and had to rebuild my whole system. I'm in no mood for that.

    Is this pretty seamless?

    Do I need to worry about losing an interface?

    Anything else I should do or not do? (I copied the entire file directory out to another PC this morning as well as to another location on the local HS4 server hard drive.

    Thanks for any advice at all.

    You need the Beta plugin. Older versions don't support restore to 700 series controllers.

    Furthermore, the backup format has changed. When restoring, the beta plugin doesn't accept the old format. So you'll need to use the beta plugin to perform the backup of the old controller.


      zwolfpack - Awesome...THANKS!!...exactly the kind of thing I needed.

      Is the beta stable? ...If not doing S2?


        Define stable

        Latest version was posted 30 April. Following are posting dates of various beta versions over past six months or so. Draw your own conclusions.
        Nov  4  2020
        Nov 11 15:48
        Jan 26 13:54
        Jan 29 13:48
        Feb  3 14:56
        Apr  6 09:57
        Apr 23 15:33
        Apr 27 09:20
        Apr 29 10:35
        Apr 30 09:16


          zwolfpack - OK you made me laugh...I will admit it looks like the month of April was quite busy.

          I used to use betas all the time. When I had to rebuild once after a crash I tried doing S2 and basically ended up with a nonfunctional zoo of disappearing and broken devices. Hopefully, that was only S2.

          I may wait...I always want the new toys...and have the new hardware...but if I ever had to rebuild my system from scratch again I think I'd rather just turn the power off at my house and burn candles.

          Thanks for the guidance.


            Been using since release, no problems, in fact I'm convinced it solved a problem I was having with getting wake-up notices from a battery powered Z-wave sensor.


              TC1 - Great new! Thanks! I'm probably going to wait until June still...but every positive comment helps.