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G3 Smartstick+ Choking - potential fix.

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    Confirmed the latest beta solved the delay with multiple device control. Still has the zwave warning about unknown library.

    SmartStickPlusG3: Z-Wave PC Controller Library Version: Z-Wave 7.15 (Unknown)

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      [QUOTE=srodgers;n1477970SmartStickPlusG3: Z-Wave PC Controller Library Version: Z-Wave 7.15 (Unknown)[/QUOTE]

      HS always does that. It's frustrating seeing a highlighted error in the log, but it seems to be meaningless (and yet obviously means something ).

      Here's what I get upon every startup - Edgar: Z-Wave PC Controller Library Version: Z-Wave 6.06 (Unknown)


        Originally posted by rjh View Post
        This build is a local build, not official, so don't be concerned with the version #. We will be posting a beta soon with this fix and you can wait for that if you would like. But the build I posted is the very latest out of source control so it has all the latest fixes.

        rjh The local build fixed my issue with the stick choking on multiple, sequential commands. I'll try when I run the affected routine tonight. THANKS!