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same type of device - different controls in HS?

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    same type of device - different controls in HS?

    This is a sort of followup to my thread about Bali Z-Wave blinds...

    Because I think the following may have more to do with the SmartStick than the blinds I'll post here:

    As you can see from my linked thread, I asked a question about how to stop the blinds as they move. We (my son and I) had added only two of nine blinds when I made that post but since then we have added a few more. All but one of them added to HS with the following interface:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	HS-blinds1.JPG
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    However, one of them added as follows with a Stop button!

    Click image for larger version

Name:	HS-blinds2.JPG
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ID:	1487524

    Why would one show up differently than all the rest - all are the same blind type ordered at the same time! How to I get them all to show up in HS this way?

    Is it possible to copy controls from one device to another?

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    For anyone else seeing this, we figure it out - click on the Control device object with all of the proper controls you want to copy, click on the Status Graphics tab. Open another tab or window with HS, click on the device missing the controls and add them exactly like the device that has them. In our case we only needed the "Stop" button so we added it to all of the Z-Wave blind controllers manually and it works like a charm.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Capture.JPG
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    I also learned that tenScriptAid can help to find missing or unknown codes (to a point) but it may be a catch-22 if the code isn't in the HS database to start with.