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Repeating Z-Wave Commands for non-existent nodes flooding my logs

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    Repeating Z-Wave Commands for non-existent nodes flooding my logs

    I've had issues with several WD-200+ dimmers recently. The switches are operational manually using the the paddle for up/down presses, but they don't show signs of any z-wave activity (sending or receiving commands). Given some programming I have associated with them, it seems like commands sent to these swtiches are getting caught up and have started causing problems in my overall z-wave mesh performance. The log reports lots of errors.

    Since two of these switches aren't critical to my overall system and didn't have a ton of programming associated with them, I decided to remove them from the system all together for the time being to see if that helped improve the overall responsiveness of my z-wave net. After doing a bunch of research on this forum, I decided to first go the route of changing the Root Device's Node # to "No Node ID". I did this in hopes of swapping out the bad node later down the line without having to recreate any devices/scripts/events, From the moment I did this, things got wonky.

    The 2 lights were Node 22 and Node 32. While the root devices no longer seemed associated with these node #'s, the nodes were still listed as active nodes in the Controller Node Info, Removing them all together from the Controller didn't seem like an easy task. I did things like backup the interface and then editing the backup file and using it to then restore the system. But that only seemed to take care of one of the Nodes. The other node was still listed in the controller info,. So I downloaded the Zensys Tool, installed that on my system ...and used it to identify the remaining node as a bad node and then have it removed. After lots of backups, restores, "Reset Z-Wave Data" and even "Re-Save Device Data in HS", I was able to get my z-net network back up and running.

    However, even after all that work and the 2 nodes seemingly have been removed from both Homeseer devices and the Z-Wave Interface Controller, I still see non-stop z-wave commands flooding my log. I've pasted a screen shot below. Again, I can't find any reference to Node 22 and Node 32 in my system now, but yet these commands keep flowing. I've also pasted a copy of my Z-wave controller info below for reference. I've done google searches, I've tried very log debug setting to see if I can get some clue as to what's generating this activity. But I'm still coming up empty.

    Any thoughts or guidance you might be able to provide would be greatly appreciated.


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