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Random power on/off

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    Random power on/off

    This seems to happen every time my HomeTroller Pi HS4 changes on/off status through an event.
    I have not yet tested without Homeseer to see if it's a hardware issue.

    (no longer relevant)
    This seems to be solved.
    I disabled the Tuya plugin and re-enabled it. Nothing changed.
    Then I uninstalled it and unplugged the plug. Then I plugged the plug back in, and manually, with the physical switch on the device, power cycled several times. Then I re-installed the plugin and re-authorized.
    Everything seems to be working normally now.

    My HS-SP100 randomly turns off or turns on. The action is not logged in HS4.
    It first happened when I used an event to turn it on. It turned off after a minute or so. I used HS4 to turn it on. It turned off again after a few minutes. I used Tuya to turn it on. It turned off again after a few minutes. This went on for several cycles, then after a while it settled down, and stayed on the rest of the night.
    In the morning the opposite happened. Turned off with an event. It turned back on again. Over and over again. As of this moment it has not settled down; I'm still having to turn it off every few minutes. Again, nothing in the HS4 log when it randomly changes state. But when I change it, it's logged.
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    This may be a hardware issue with one plug. I have five of them, and it seems only one of them is randomly switching. I'm looking for a way to do a factory reset, but I might just end up replacing the one that seems bad.