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Need to replace Z-Net with a Aeon Labs stick

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  • jvm
    First, rather than switching interfaces ...
    • Have you tried the "Restart THIS Interface" function in [Plugins] -> [Z-Wave] -> [Actions] menu first? If not, try that first.
    • Sometimes the Z-Wave routing / device database seems to get corrupted. In the past I've been able to "fix" my network by deleting that database (HomeSeer will then automatically rebuild it). To try this:
    1. First do a HomeSeer system backup and note where you store the backup. This is critical.
    2. Shut down HomeSeer.
    3. Delete the file Z-Wave2.db file which is found in HomeSeer's "Data" folder (on windows, that is found at: C:\Program Files (x86)\HomeSeer HS3\Data\Z-Wave).
    4. Then restart Homeseer. If you have only Z-Wave Plus devices, that is all you should have to do.
    5. If you have "older" Z-Wave devices or a mix of Z-Wave Plus and older Z-Wave, you need to optimize your network: (A) Run "Optimize a Network, No Return Route Changes" followed by "Test Node Connectivity on a Network"; (B) Repeat (A) until the testing stage shows that all nodes can be reached (this make take up to 3 cycles); (C) Then run "Fully Optimize a Network" once. If you have only Z-Wave Plus devices, run the "Test Node Connectivity on a Network" function to test the connections (you may need to try this a few times as HomeSeer rebuilds its ZWave2.db routing database).
    6. If everything checks out, you got lucky; else, restore your system using the backup created in step (1).

    But to Answer your original question ...

    You will need to first check that each interface supports both backup and restore. My understanding is that some interfaces only support backup -- this always seemed odd to me (why would you have a backup if you can't restore), but you'll want to check this. I believe the Z-Net does support both, but my memory is that the Aeon Labs stick may not.

    Look in the [Plugins] -> [Z-Wave] -> [Actions] menu - if there is both a [Back Up this interface] and a [Restore a Network to this Interface] option there for your interface, you know it supports both.

    1. Do a backup of your Z-Net using the "Back Up this interface" function and note the name of the file it creates.
    2. This would be a good time to do a full backup of HomeSeer from the [Tools] -> [Setup] -> [General] menu!
    3. Add your Aeon Labs stick using the [Plugins] -> [Z-Wave] -> [Add Interface] function.
    4. After the Aeon Labs stick has been added, check if it supports both backup and restore, if it doesn't, then you won't be able to use it so you'll have to go back to the Z-Net interface.
    5. Un-check the check box for your Z-net interface and power it down (unchecking disables it from HomeSeer, but if it is still powered, it will still be sending radio to your network).
    6. From your Aeon Labs' stick's [Action] menu, select "Restore a Network to this Interface" and restore the backup of your Z-Net's interface that you created in step 1.
    7. That should be all you need to do. If it fails, you should be able to return to the Z-Net by disabling and removing the Aeon labs stick and then re-enabling / re-powering your Z-Net.

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  • mikee123
    started a topic Need to replace Z-Net with a Aeon Labs stick

    Need to replace Z-Net with a Aeon Labs stick

    I am having lots of problems with my zwave network (unresponsive devices, long delays etc). I have ruled out the zwave PI, I did go back to .190 but that did not help, so I've gone back to .249. I had switched off a lot of my modules to rule them out. Now I need to rule out my Z-Net. I have a spare Aeon Labs stick. Whats best to move my devices (68 nodes) over for testing purposes ? Can I backup the Z-Net and restore to the Aeon Labs ? Or import from the Z-Net ? Ideally if my Z-Net is ok I want to go back to it after I have tested it.