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Znet migration from HS3 to HS4

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    Znet migration from HS3 to HS4

    I'm planning to start with HS4 on a new more powerfull system.
    This would be a good time to clean up the homeseer configuration and get rid of all the obsolete trials on the HS3 system.

    I plan to move step by step from HS3 to HS4 and only setup a new clean HS4 environment.

    Is there a way to move over the Z-NET from HS3 tot HS4 without the loss of all the Z-wave devices?
    If possible I'd like to clean up the list of the z-wave devices too, before activating the z-wave plugin on HS4.

    The Z-Wave node information is stored on the Z-Wave daughter card in the Z-Net. Once you move the cleaned up config from your old system to you new system you will just point the new system at your Z-Net. It is still a good idea to back everything up before you start this process in case something goes wrong.