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    I have been working on audio files that will play when events occur in my house. Thought I would share them here for anyone that would like them. Looks like about 31 different audio files professional recorded.
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    Thanks, these are great and I can use.
    Now I need to get my girlfriend to change her name to Nicole.


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      Or just dump her and find a Nicole.


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        @nofreeze, Many thanxs for sharing your Audio Files, slow question how do you get HS3 to play these files, I thought it was simple by creating a simple Event to "Play an Audio file" with a file selected via Browse Edit. I can see the selected audio file but when I play it nothing comes out of my SONO speakers via HS3. Before you ask my other Speak events work before and after running this play audio file Event. What am I missing? looking at my log I see that the event was executed but no sound from the file.

        Jun-28 9:54:24 PM
        Event Trigger "Speak MP3 Test"
        Jun-28 9:54:24 PM
        Event Speak MP3 Test triggered by the event page 'Run' button.

        UPDATE: Whilst wading through the various threads I came upon a "Work around" that seems to work for the "Speak Something" function. Apparently other's had difficulties running MP3 and WAV files using the "Speak Something" function... The work around was to not use the speak a file but instead use the Speak text field and inserting the complete path and name of file where you would normally enter a text string, the net is that it works. I was able to string several sound files along a long with an announcement via separate "Then" Actions and they worked. I noticed that there seems to be a maximum speak duration window as my last sound file (3rd one) would not play completely even though I select "Wait until speech is finished" option for all of the events. can anyone confirm and is there a work a round?
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