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  • Log to a NAS?

    Instead of the log file residing on the SD card (which shortens it life), can a feature be implemented that would (optionally) save it to a NAS?
    I searched the whole forum and the Knowledge Base -- didn't find anything.
    Did anyone suggest this already? I forgot where we present suggestions -- is it ?

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    Much of the RPi saving RW's to the SD card has been in the form of using RAM for temporary file storage.

    Here utilize mapped SAMBA directories in the /HomeSeer/data directory for stuff like lightning detection and my 1-wire OWFS directory stuff.

    IE: the RPi lightning sensor writes a delimited text file log of lightning. I share that directory via SAMBA then create a mapped directory in the Homeseer data directory which is a virtual share not really writing anything to the SD card on the computer that Homeseer is using.

    Today's SD cards (micro SD) are better and last longer than earlier SD cards. Here first Zee / RPi with SD card RW's lasted only about 6 months.
    Newest 16 Gb cards except for Samsung micro SD cards have not failed. The Samsung micro SD cards had an inherent issue relating to the crypto virtual RW lock on the SD card making it not writable. These cards have a 10 year warranty. You can back them up. I recently RMA'd two of these cards and got two new ones. One card's source of origin was South Korea and the other card was the Philippines.
    - Pete

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