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If and wait commands.

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  • If and wait commands.

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    Originally posted by theendisnye View Post
    I am trying to understand how the if and delay commands work.

    On the if command I have a an ‘if manually selected’ followed by an ‘and if this device has this a value’ does the second ‘if’ operate or get ignored when I run the event from another homeseer event.

    If I use the wait command does it only affect the event it is running in or if it is called from another event does it cause the two events to be delayed.

    I have a routine that turns on my hifi to make certain announcements via the sonos and I need to check if the hifi is on or not and have a small delay if it isn’t.

    The first IF is a trigger and will always be ignored if calling the event from another event. Any OR IF (read this thread about additional triggers) entries are additional triggers and are also ignored when the event is called from another event.

    AND IF are conditions and will always be observed when an event is run by its own trigger. If you call the event from another event, the conditions are ignored unless you specifically ask for them to be observed in the advanced options of the calling event. This thread should help.

    A WAIT stops further execution of actions in the event using it. It does not affect any other events, it only only suspends further execution of actions within the event until the WAIT period has elapsed. You can also put a delay on Device control actions and on calling another event. These delays put the Device control or other event in separate queues for later execution. Delays only affect exececution of the specific Device control or Event actions, they have no impact on the rest of the actions within the event.
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      Thanks, that is really helpful