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Request for option to upgrade to S6 controller without purchasing new license

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  • Request for option to upgrade to S6 controller without purchasing new license

    Hello, would like to request a path to purchase an S6 controller at a discounted price if we already have a HS3Pro license. Would like to unload my regular desktop PC from running Homeseer and move it to a stand alone controller (running windows), but having to drop $1,200 to make this happen when I've already purchased a $600 HS3Pro license is too steep. I can buy a Dell gaming desktop with specs that blow the S6 away for $800 (and non-gaming that still looks to have better specs for as low as $450). You guys should consider offering this as an option. Would rather throw money your way than Dell and get a purpose-built box, but the price difference really leaves no choice at this point. Thx for considering.

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    You will want to post this question to as the techs at HS may not see your question.


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      OK, thx Rupp. Do you mean send an e-mail to that address or is there some way to post to a support forum different than this one? I was looking into this a while ago and I asked the question whether it was available through some other channel (might have been e-mail, might have been a web form from the Homeseer store) and the answer came back that it wasn't available. The purpose for the post was to formally request that the option be added and see if I'm the only one out there that wants it or if there are others interested as well. If others chimed in and said "me too" it might jump up in the queue of the Homeseer team to look into. If it turns out I'm the only one, guess I'm just out of luck.


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        The S6 is merely a shuttle computer with preloaded HS3 and a VNC server set up for you. Mine came with embedded Win 7, I understand the current version ships with Win10. Since you already own HS3, my suggestion is buy the hardware, throw in an SSD, load your favorite flavor of Win, and add a free VNC server.


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          Thx for that tip Jonathan. Will check out that route as well.