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The Tread Protocol

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  • The Tread Protocol

    Hello recently have found some information about the Tread Protocol that is talk to be the next big thing in Home Automation since is already interested into Google WiFi and some other devices from Samsung simens D-Link and now Apple and Amazon.

    Is there any talk to incorporate in HomeSeer?

    Is it going to be the Z-wave killer?

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    I only see 2 products from Nest that are "thread ready" and nothing else from anyone except development kits. My guess is it will be awhile before this turns into anything tangible for end users. It would not impact my decision on any Home Automation purchase.


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      Right now is being used in e background but apparently devices ha e the chips in and is mentioned in code. But if it will join all brands under one protocol meaning you can mix and much your HA devices it could be a big deal and explode in a short time.
      check this video, how off is he?

      And sorry the post title is wrong I hate autocorrect sometimes. Is Thread Protocol, but can't change that now.