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x10 not showing ok

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  • x10 not showing ok

    in the plug-in menu, I just moved the system to a new pc (windows 10) x10 seems to work fine, log looks like it starts with no error too
    Jul-20 6:46:17 PM Plug-In Finished initializing plug-in X10
    Jul-20 6:46:17 PM Info TI103 Plug-in, Version 3.0.36
    Jul-20 6:46:17 PM ACT TI103 Calling initIO in TI103 with port:COM6

    any ideas why it never gets to ok
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    Is that all that is in the log? There may be an error or warning mixed in later in the log file.


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      I do see this if the shut down the plug-in
      Jul-20 6:45:43 PM Info Plugin X10 with instance: has disconnected
      Jul-20 6:45:43 PM X10 ERROR Error in CommThreadProc:Thread was being aborted.
      Jul-20 6:45:43 PM Plug-In Shutting down Plug-In: X10

      but I seen nothing after I start the plug-in all I see is what I posted above. I looked for the next several minutes and searched the logs


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        so I fixed the issue (kinda of) I moved to a different serial port now it works ok. tomorrow I will see if it is the port but it looks that way (edgeport)