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  • Any way this could be made so it is an app for a Google Hub as well? Ideally HSTouch is also available on these screens. I'm guessing the Alexa fans would want to see it if the unit is capable of such.



    • Hi,

      Would it be possible to add a function that permit sending tts message from Hs mobile app ( So we can hear the tts in the house)


      • Just wanted to add another vote for a couple that I've read:
        • Dark Mode
        • Hide header and footer until needed
        • Export/Save Dashboard (maybe they save to something on the HomeSeer server?)
        Also, not sure if it has been mentioned but can the app have a built in screen saver? After x number of seconds the screen can go black (but not lock), then with a touch it wakes up. It would be nice to have that built into the app, and really make it something that can be an off-the-shelf home automation control panel, rather than having to piece together other apps to do it all.


        • Originally posted by rjh View Post
          Since HomeSeer does not support HomeKit right now, this app will not support it. If at some point we add HomeKit support, then we could add it.

          Rich, I have not read every post in this thread, but you can perform integration into the Apple ecosystem via Apple's "Shortcuts" technology that is available via IOS 12 & 13. I am guessing that it has been discussed, so this could be old news. All you would have to do is provide examples to the user community. I am guessing that most of the "interfacing" to HomeSeer 3 is already included on the HS3 side as JSON and ASCII API integration is already supported.

          So, this is directed to the user community (maybe this is the wrong thread to discuss this as well), what do people want to do with Apple SIRI or IOS integration? Let's be realistic and consider "baby steps". TouchID integration/authentication to HS3 is probably not going to happen, but simply SIRI voice integration going back to HS3 is possible.

          I would recommend that all control logic is within HomeSeer and that this is triggered via HS events or scripts such that SIRI & Apple Shortcuts can then just perform the VR recognition and send the "command or instruction" back to HS3 via a event or script being triggered.

          This is very powerful. I am more than willing to work with folks directly and as a consultant.
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