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Parent/Child Relationships Not Showing Up Properly

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  • Parent/Child Relationships Not Showing Up Properly

    First of all - I have to say I love this app. I own HSTouch, but have found the overhead to set up screens for each room to be too time consuming. As a result, I've done very little with it, despite having it installed for years.

    I found a slight issue this morning while setting up rooms.

    I have a number of devices that I have formed parent-child relationships for using Jon00's grouping utility. Some examples:
    • Garage Door Status (Open/Closed) has a child to toggle the button (open/close the door).
    • Each of the banks of Basement Recessed Lights have a child with a timer (auto shut-off for kids who leave them on all the time!).
    As an aside, I think this cleans up the views substantially. I really like the ability to group - this should be built-in to HS3 in my opinion.

    Anyhow, what I've found is that in the app, a lot of time only the child is showing up. I can get the parent-child relationship to work if I do the following:
    • Mark both devices (parent and child) to hide from mobile views.
    • Refresh the phone.
    • Mark the parent to show in mobile views.
    • Refresh the phone.
    • Mark the child to show in mobile views.
    But, if I go to my wife's phone, only the child is showing up. I can repeat the same process, and get it to work, but clearly there's something going wrong here. It may be a quirk with Jon00's grouping utility, but when I look at the "Advanced" tab under the parent/child devices, the relationships appear to be as expected.

    Let me know if you need more details, screenshots, etc. I am using mobile B0.3.7 and HS3

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    Thank you very much for the feedback. Really happy to hear that you are enjoying the app. If you can collect some information for me we can look into this further. I would like to start by inspecting the configuration for the devices in question. To do this we first need to collect the "Ref" numbers for all of the devices. We can show these on the device list in the HS3 console by going to

    Tools -> Setup -> Custom

    Check the box that says "Show Device Reference Number on Device Management Page (for developers)"

    Next, please fill out and navigate to the following address:<COMMA_SEPARATED_DEVICE_REFS>&use r=<USERNAME>&pass=<PASSWORD>&licenseid=<LICENSE>

    (Forum keeps putting a space in the middle of the word "user" Make sure you remove that first)

    or if you are on the same local network as your system:

    Save the output in a text file and send it over to me in a private message.
    - JL West
    HomeSeer Software Engineer