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Has anyone installed this on an Amazon Fire tablet (Fire HD 10 in my case)?

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  • Has anyone installed this on an Amazon Fire tablet (Fire HD 10 in my case)?

    I realize that Google Play must be installed first. If you have, installed on HD10, or any Fire tablet, was it relatively successful?

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    First, I apologize for not seeing the other post regarding the Fire HD 10. I could swear I searched for HD 10, but obviously did not.

    I installed Google Play this afternoon, using the procedure I found at: I update HS3 to

    The app installed just fine. I created a few widgets on the dashboard, and a few worked, some did not. I did not have time to do much testing. I have much to learn about the app itself before I can provide more info.

    I mainly wanted to report, the app did install and run since the other thread reported it did not run, but rebooted the tablets.


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      Finally done with Thanksgiving week travel and activities and had a chance to work with my Fire HD 10 (Fire OS, and thanks to a Black Friday sale at Costco, I picked up Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (Android v7.0).

      The Fire tablet appears to work OK, but has a few shortcomings, mostly graphics updating. The Tab S2 works w/o a hitch so far, and much faster/smoother than the Fire as might be expected. Both tablets are configured identically.

      The main problem with the Fire is that the border color of the dashboard widgets looses their status color, and the icons reset to the default gear icon when switching from one dashboard to another. When a widget is first activated, border color and icon are OK. (See attachment). (Note I have not yet renamed all the widgets, but it seems to work OK on both tablets.

      The widgets on both tablets operate as they should. The Fire is a little less responsive, and the long press is a bit finicky, if long press too long, the menu closes before a selection can be made.

      If the Fire tablet was all I had, I think it would be serviceable, though I would be hesitant to use it for any critical control events since it's apparently not quite up to snuff as seen with the graphic glitches mentioned above. Please note I no longer want/need to use the Fire, and am not requesting that any effort be made to resolve any Fire tablet issues. I am reporting this so any other users with Fire tablets will know what to expect.

      Click image for larger version  Name:	Tab Screens.png Views:	1 Size:	359.8 KB ID:	1262502
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