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Difference between parent/child in Device vs Dashboard (Android)?

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    Difference between parent/child in Device vs Dashboard (Android)?

    Why does a device with parent/child relationship in the Device Tab show up correctly with the all the children and allows you to control the children directly under the parent, but when I add the parent/root to the dashboard I get zero children and no controllable devices? I have tired every check-box combo it seems, but the only thing I can ever get to work is to add each child separately to the dashboard.

    The way it displays in the Device Tab is very clean since it is all wrapped under the parent. Am I doing something wrong or is this by design on the dashboard? I would think by default if you add the parent it should display exactly the same on the dashboard and then you could edit it down via the display options.

    Also, please allow the dashboards to be re-ordered once created. Even better if you could create shortcuts to other dashboards from a 'main' dashboard.

    I've noticed the same behavior. Under the Device view, all of my security zones roll up under the Zone Root Device from UltraM1G3 plugin.

    Once I add it to the dashboard, the child objects are not present. Enabling the check box for "Secondary Devices" does not appear to do anything.

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      Same here...latest beta.


        The child devices you are referencing look like they are complex children (they all have controls) Currently, displaying children like they are in the device list is not available for the widget due to constraints on the sizing of the widget and how it impacts its usability. We are working on a solution for this. For the time being, I recommend you add each child as a separate widget to your dashboard.
        - JL West
        HomeSeer Software Engineer