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Beta testing the iOS Mobile app - findings

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  • Beta testing the iOS Mobile app - findings

    Over the last week I have been testing the mobile app for iOS, please find my feedback below.

    Versions used:
    HS Mobile: B0.3.0
    HS3 version:
    iOS version: 12.1 (16B92)
    Phone: XSmax
    1. Some of the text fields (eg. widget location, name) do not show a cursor. When editing parts of the pre-filled texts it is hard to see where you are.
    2. Deleting the last dashboard will crash/close the app
    3. Widgets cannot be positioned freely on the dashboard. I frequently found that the (left to right) order of widgets cannot be changed, when releasing the widget it will snap back in it original position
    4. It is not possible to leave blank spots on the dashboard. for example three rows of only 2 small widgets. If you move a widget to the next row, it always snaps back to the previous
    5. Control names are sometimes too long (eg. "O...vel" refers to "On last level") they should be changeable
    6. When two slim widgets are positioned next to each other and only one has controls, the icons do not align because the content of the widget is centered. It would look better if the content is aligned to the top
    7. The dashboard selector works but please also enable a way to just wipe the dashboard left or right to select the next/previous dashboard
    8. Widgets that have multiple controls show the grey indicator that when clicked opens a separate control window. When a control is selected from that window, you need to hit cancel to close it. Can you close the popup window after release of the control button?
    9. Can we have a admin and user mode? Admin: allows for creating&populating dashboards, editing widgets, looking at devices, events and cameras etc. User: only show the, non-changeable, dashboards.
    10. Roll-out to different devices requires re-creating a dashboard, would be nice if dashboard configurations can be copied and centrally managed (addressed in other threads already). Can we make this user/device bound? Eg. if userA logs on to a device he/she will always get the same dashboard, regardless the device he/she is using -or- a small phone will always get dashboard1 while a large screen phone will get a different dashboard
    11. Not possible to change system. When trying to change the connected system (System-->ChangeSystem) the credentials are briefly shown and then the client connects. It is not possible to change any of the parameters
    12. Connection mode, is it possible to have an indication how the client is connected (LAN vs WAN)?

    Hope this helps, Fran├žois