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Slider on tile on dashboard placement

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  • Slider on tile on dashboard placement

    First, let me say what a great improvement this is over HSTouch! I've added several Z-Wave lights dimmers to my dashboard, and after doing some config, I've got everything the way I want it, except one of the dimmers has the controls as Off - dimmer (very narrow) On Last, while the rest are Off On Last and then dimmer on the next line (which is what I prefer). But I can't see how to organize the one that has all the controls on the same line (All the tiles are the same size, and have the same options). Can someone tell me how I can do this?

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    Hi danhi,

    This is controlled through HS3. By default, some devices are created with 0s for their control row, column, and size settings. I provide a more in-depth explanation here:
    - JL West
    HomeSeer Software Engineer


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      Awesome! Now everything looks the way I wanted. Thanks for the help.