HomeSeer Mobile Android Beta v4.1 is ready for testing. (v0.4.1b6)

You can install from the Google Play store.

This version includes the following:
  • Added a dashboard management page that can be used to reorder the dashboards
  • Widget locations can no longer be edited. They are now synced with the source device
  • Location 2 will now be hidden if it is configured that way on HS3
  • Added help links to all of the primary pages
  • Added the OS version the help page for easy reference
  • Fixed a bug preventing users from saving their login information with the “Remember Me” check box
  • Fixed various bugs causing crashes while loading dashboards
  • Fixed a bug preventing MyHS Premium users from changing the system they are connected to
  • Fixed a bug causing the info button on device pop-up sheets from sending you to the device details page
  • Fixed a bug preventing users from toggling associated control devices off
  • Fixed a network routing issue causing intermittent connection issues when communicating with a system over MyHS
  • Updated various layouts to increase the legibility of information
Known Issues:
  • Scrolling while dragging a widget is not yet supported
Please post your feedback and any issues you find.

  • Customizable dashboard. Add any device, resize, control items to show. Multiple dashboards are supported
  • Device list. Shows all devices, supports sorting and controlling any device and adding devices to the dashboard.
  • Event list. Show all events, run an event, add to the dashboard.
  • Camera list. Shows the latest snapshot from all cameras. Click on a camera to display larger real-time view and pan/tilt controls. The camera list is auto-updated every 10 seconds.
  • Supports log in from MyHS and local IP/Hostname.
Getting Started:
To get started, you must have HS3 version or later. HS3 version is required for the camera list to work. You can grab that from here:

You will need to install from the Google Play store:
Android Lollipop (v5.0 API 21) is the minimum supported OS version. For the best experience, we recommend Android Marshmallow (v6.0 API 23) or newer.

We have a knowledge base with some documentation here:

You can also get to this knowledge base from the help menu in the app.

Reporting Bugs / Issues:
If you run into any crashes, you will be prompted with a dialog to submit crash info, please submit this! It will contain valuable information.

If you find a non-crash bug or there is an enhancement you would like to request, from within HomeSeer Mobile select the menu icon (upper left corner) then the "Send Feedback" item. This will start an email. Fill it in and submit. You can include screenshots as attachments. This will create a ticket in our bug tracking system. You can also post any issue to this forum so others can review, but an issue will not get addressed unless it is in our bug tracker.