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HomeSeer Mobile - not always refreshing status

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    HomeSeer Mobile - not always refreshing status

    I have scripts that use SetDeviceValueByRef(<device reference id>, <value>, false)

    Per HS3 documentation, the third parameter, "when set to FALSE, the value will be changed without triggering events that are set to trigger when the device changes.".

    When I'm viewing the status of a device using the HS3 Web GUI, the status of the device is updated automatically as soon as aforementioned API is called.
    When viewing the status of the device using HS3Touch, the status doesn't refresh automatically. But if HS3Touch was running in the background in my iPhone, and then
    I bring it up, HS3Touch refreshes to get the latest status.

    When I'm viewing the status of the device using HomeSeer Mobile, the status doesn't refresh automatically when aforementioned API is called.
    Even if HomeSeer Mobile is not running in the foreground, and then I select it, the status of the device is not refreshed. It has the old status. At least with HS3Touch, the status of all devices are refreshed when bringing HS3Touch to the foreground. Not so with HomeSeer Mobile. Restarting HomeSeer Mobile (via swipe up to kill it and then restart it) will cause the status to be refreshed.

    Is this something that needs to be fixed with HomeSeer Mobile? I like using the aforementioned API with false parameter for optimization, but it would be nice to know that HomeSeer Mobile will eventually refresh the states of all devices.

    Looks like HS3Touch and HomeSeer Mobile needs SetDeviceValueByRef to be called with true in order for them to be able to be updated automatically. The issue wasn't so obvious with HS3Touch because once it is brought to the foreground, it refreshes its status. But that's not the case for HomeSeer Mobile. So, I figured a way to avoid the need to call SetDeviceValueByRef with false. Had to change a lot of events for this.