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iOS Version - Can't Build a Decent Dashboard

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  • iOS Version - Can't Build a Decent Dashboard

    Just downloaded the app today from the Apple store. Either I'm doing something wrong or this isn't ready for general release on iOS. First, my app behaves nothing like the tutorial video that was sent out which appears to be for Android only. The interface works quite differently from the video and just having to poke around. There's no plus sign, no checkmark, no widget submenu. Finally figured out that I need to tap somewhere near the edge of a widget to bring up the submenu to edit the widget. Long press only allows moving the widget. I seem to have very little control over the size of a widget. It's slim, medium or wide, not the flexibility of resizing with dragging the edges like shown in the video. Even with wide, the titles are chopped off at the top so that you can't tell what the device is. Controls don't show up sometimes, for example, my garage door open and close controls just show as three dots like they don't fit. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a tutorial for the iOS version that might correct the error of my ways? I just can't seem to build a usable dashboard. See screenshot with just two widgets. To see anything reasonable, I had to make them wide which also makes them tall. So now only two widgets fit on the screen.

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    You’re not doing anything wrong. You just need to spend a little more time editing the widgets. The iOS version is different than the android version. Read this thread it will give you some additional info.
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