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Unable to edit Foscam log in info

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  • Unable to edit Foscam log in info

    I have 6 Foscam cameras I am trying to activate in HS Mobile. HS3 sees them fine. I am trying to enter my user and password through the HS3 Setup/Camera tab. I have successfully entered 4 cameras. But the remaining cameras I am unable to access the edit screens for user or password. They seemed to be locked. I have rebooted HS and rebooted the cameras. No success.

    Any ideas? Is there a way to edit the configuration file with this info>

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    Have a look at the hspi_HSTouch.ini file in the config directory of HS3 and try clearing the non working cameras here and see if adding them back solves this.


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      Tried editing the config file. Not change in camera setup. How can I reset it all? Delete config file?


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        Figured out the issue. I had several cameras with the same camera name. As such I could not edit these even though they all had unique IP addresses. By renaming the cameras with unique names all is normal now.