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Virtual Setpoint in HomeSeer Mobile

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    Virtual Setpoint in HomeSeer Mobile

    I want to create a virtual device which contains a setpoint, that can then be used in events to update multiple thermostats. Creating the device wasn't a problem, and it looks and acts in the Device Management page just like the Heating Setpoint child device of my Z-Wave thermostats. So far so good.

    The bit that's got me stumped is how to display it like a thermostat setpoint in HomeSeer Mobile. In the Devices page, is displays the current value, and a text box for adding a new value. When I add it to a dashboard (with Show Controls checked), it displays the value, but doesn't allow me to change it. Being able to add a text value would be a start, but what I'd really like to do is have it display as a setpoint, with red up and down arrows above and below the value, just like other thermostat setpoints.

    The Status Graphics settings for the virtual device are Control Type = Text Box, and Control Use = Heat Setpoint, just like my thermostat setpoint child devices. They also have the same status range.

    How can I use the setpoint control that's used by Z-Wave thermostats in HS Mobile?

    I'll hold off looking for an answer to this for a few months – too many basic things broken with HomeSeer Mobile to worry about fancy things like this....