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How to share a Dashboard - not available but coming in the future.

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    Originally posted by Duc998 View Post
    Is this on cards yet? Just started setting this up will hate to have to do it the second time for wife.
    Second time bah! Wait until HS Mobile randomly nukes your dashboard and you are rebuilding hours of work for the 12th time... run now while you can. Check out HS Buddy.


      To share dashboards, I took a brute force approach:

      Bought several cheap identical used Android ONN Surf tablets on eBay
      Took the time to set one of them up with the dashboard configuration I wanted using a direct connection to HS4
      Set the "master" device to backup to the Google cloud
      Then I factory reset a couple of the others and restored them from this cloud backup
      They worked flawlessly...except:

      If more than one of them is connected to HS4, only one of them sees device changes as they occur (i.e. current status).
      If you toggle to another dashboard and back again, they DO update to the current status.
      This is not good if you want to actually see the status of devices.

      HS4 HomeSeer Mobile DOES properly update on these non-cloned tablets... it's just the "restored from backup" versions that have this problem.

      Any suggestions on how to get the real-time update feature back on cloned/copied devices would be welcome.


        Reviving a stale thread. This still appears to be unsupported and I'd love to have it too. As someone setting up home automation for homeowners and property managers to use, being able to create dashboards that I can replicate to other devices that other people own would be great. The way HSTouch lets you push projects and their content down to devices was pretty close (although I think you had to be in the HSTouch app on the device for it to deploy --- I'd like to be able to push updates anytime). Since HSTouch seems to be in limbo in the HS4 world (still works but is there a replacement coming or is HS Mobile the only path forward (outside of 3rd party offerings)?).

        The other thing that would be nice is is a way to indicate in the dashboard or perhaps at the user level whether their HS Mobile is locked to the dashboard I give them and are not able to browse the devices, events, .... I'd think this would be useful for a lot of people where they want to give members of their family limited controls and not the ability to browse and change almost anything. Basically a kiosk-mode whether HS Mobile restricts what you can do when using a dashboard. Maybe not one of the design goals of HS Mobile but I'm asking ;-) Maybe I can do this somehow with user access control in HS? Haven't ever really played with that sort of thing on HS.