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Temperature SetPoint in thermostat devices sometimes truncated

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    Temperature SetPoint in thermostat devices sometimes truncated

    In Europe using Celsius scale I use one decimal place for temperature readings. The readings are sometimes truncated in Homeseer Mobile.
    The example screenshot is from an iPhone.
    21.5 is the current temperature, which is shown correctly although is sometimes truncated seemingly randomly.
    The SetPoint is 21.4 but is showing as 21....

    Click image for larger version

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    Maybe it is the decimal place or maybe the degree symbol I use that is causing this. I suspect most users in US are using Fahrenheit, probably without decimal places, so don't see the issue.
    Any chance of fixing this?

    Also any chance of being able to show Thermostats in Dashboards as they are shown in Devices, i.e. with the SetPoint and up and down arrows rather than the 9 grey buttons? It would save having to tap and open the device to change the SetPoint. I have seen others request this.