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Dashboards lost, again!

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  • Dashboards lost, again!

    For the second time, and for no reason at a, my dashboards have simply disappeared out of HS Mobile. This is incredibly frustrating. The amount of time it takes me to have to rebuild them is not trivial, and I hope I can remember everything that was in there,

    This time it was triggered by something with my network. I had made some changes to my local network configuration which for some reason caused Home Seer Mobile to log me out. When I logged back in all of my dashboards were gone. Why? I have no idea! Whey don't they get saved to the HS server? That's an even bigger question.

    As you can understand, I'm incredibly frustrated by this, but since there still isn't a way to import/export dashboards, I can't be blamed for this. There's no "you should have made a backup". It simply is a massive bug in the software that needs to be fixed.

    I'm running the latest version on iOS 12, with an iPhone XS.

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    Feelin' your pain here...same thing happened to me a couple times. Several others have posted the same before. There was a lot of buzz and development of HS Mobile initially, but then they "released" it and then crickets. HomeSeer Mobile has lots of potential but I've given up on it for now.

    This is the maddening thing about HST and it's development cycles. They put just enough work into a product so that it works "just good enough", then abandon it and move on to something else. Nothing ever gets polished and improved to be a really great product. It's too bad. I've seen lots of complaints about this over the years but it always falls on deaf ears. HST do what they want.