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Cameras not showing up correctly

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  • Cameras not showing up correctly

    I have two Foscam cameras that were auto detected both are the same model R4. In the mobile app two cameras are displayed but they both of the same camera???

    Anyway of correcting this? I tried deleting them and then auto discovered again.

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    You might want to take a look at hspi_HSTouch.ini in the Config folder and see if it looks like the cameras were discovered correctly. Auto-discovered are under [Cameras] and there should be two unique entries for each (user_* and pass_*). I've had problems with auto-discovery (8 Amcrest cameras) and have found it simpler to use manual configuration.

    My experience is that cameras in the HS3--both HSTouch and the mobile app--aren't very reliable. Even after getting the configurations right, it's common for 1 or more of the cameras to not show properly on my HS Mobile cameras dashboard, remaining black with the spinner, and it's not always the same ones. It seems to be a connection/stream problem rather than configuration because after 5 or 6 of the 8 display, I get the error "We are having a difficult time talking to Homeseer" even on good wifi or LTE connection.

    Both auto and manual configs are in that .ini.


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      Thanks Wade, I'll take a look at all this.

      EDIT: Well it seems tha they were detected correctly. I think the new version of the app is the culprit, as events don't show up either. So it looks like something got broken with the last release.