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Reolink RLC-410W camera in HomeSeer Mobile

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  • ØysteinHJ
    Anyone who's able to help me on this?

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  • ØysteinHJ
    started a topic Reolink RLC-410W camera in HomeSeer Mobile

    Reolink RLC-410W camera in HomeSeer Mobile

    I recently purchased and installed a Reolink RLC-410W camera in my garage. And in the Reolink Android app the camera's working just fine. But I'm having problems using the camera in HS3 / HomeSeer Mobile.

    After trying out my google-fu for a while, I've found the following URL's for reading still images and RTSP streams:

    Still images:
    Low resolution stream: rtsp://USER:PASSWORD@
    High resolution stream: rtsp://USER:PASSWORD@

    If adding the URL's in HS3, I can view the camera still images and stream feed in HomeSeer Mobile. My problem is that when trying to add the high resolution stream, the video feed gets scrambled in HomeSeer Mobile. It works fine in the Reolink app, so bandwidth is not an issue. And when using the low resolution stream, it's presented in the wrong aspect ration (4:3 it seems), while the stream is in 640x352px format.

    What can I do about this? Is there any way to get HomeSeer Mobile to show the high resolution stream and in correct aspect ratio?