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Thermostats have stopped working

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  • Thermostats have stopped working

    When I first set up my thermostats in HSMobile they worked great. Some time in the past month or so, they've broken. I can see the temperatures, the mode, the mode status, etc., but all of the control capabilities are gone (used to show up on the bottom row). If I try to change the temperature, I get "Error - Cannot control thermostat. There is a problem with the set-point control configuration." If I click through the device and go to the mode, I used to be able to change it there, but no longer can.

    All this used to work. Other than telling me what the room temperature is, these dashboard devices are useless.

    If I go and find the device in the device view, things work fine, but I have a LOT of devices to scroll though. Trying to filter the list usually results in a spinning circle that never returns.

    Any ideas?