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Dashboards missing after upgrade to HS4

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    Same here.
    Upgrade to HS4 this Morning. When very well, but I lost my device on mobile app.
    Found the problem.
    When changing system from HS3 to HS4 on MYHS, had to change my password to add a new special character.

    YOU MUST also change your HS4 server password to be the same, with that new special character.
    Did it, and devices are back on the mobile app, but I lost my dashboard (that is not so bad ).



      Also lost my dashboards after HS4 upgrade. Devices are there but no dashboards. Submitted a ticket and got the following response: "Unfortunately this is a side affect of upgrading. You will want to recreate your dashboards." Nice.


        I got through all the HS4 upgrades and lost all dashboards. I bit the bullet and rebuilt everything. I have now upgraded to IOS14 on my iPhone and all dashboards are gone again. This app sucks and I really like HS in general.

        I was OK with HS3 but upgraded to HS4 and was really hoping for a better mobile experience but I am really disappointed.

        I am going to look into HS Buddy and possibly a different front end that maybe can work over the top of HomeSeer. I have a hard time believing that there is not a decent app for this. I would even pay for something that was good.