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Problems filtering and populating devices from PI's

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    Problems filtering and populating devices from PI's

    Edit: The base problem is that all devices that are populated via plug-ins, such as LutronCaseta or Omni, do not show up in the Location designations they have been assigned to, nor will their location labels show up in the widgets.

    Trying to make my first dashboard and wizard, but bumped a host of issues. In the Devices tab are the 2 locations I have left to the default FLOOR and ROOM. When I select one, it give me the drop-down list of all the locations I've added to my devices. But neither will work for anything except the original, top-level, uh... group/device. Example:

    Set filter ROOM/Family - 11 devices, all Lutron switches.

    HS Mobile
    Select ROOM/Family - nothing.
    Select ROOM/LutronCaseta - 59 devices, almost all of which have been assigned to a FLOOR and ROOM that they aren't showing up in.

    No matter which ROOM or FLOOR I choose, nothing is in it UNLESS it is OMNI, LutronCaseta, or an HS3 Z-Wave or Timer device.
    When I choose Omni or LutronCaseta (both populated via PI's), ALL devices show up regardless of what ROOM or FLOOR they have been assigned to.

    That makes the next step a real joy: adding a widget to a dashboard. I depend on Floor and Room so my device name may be a simple Sconce, Ceiling, or Patio. But looking at the device list, I see multiple copies of each. Which one is the Family Sconce? When I choose the hamburger menu to add to a Dashboard, the only thing it tells me at the top is "RA2S Smart Bridge 2". OK, I can select a device first, find out it's location information, cancel, hope I choose the same one again, and add it to a dashboard. Now when I go to the dashboard and edit the widget, I get a dropdown list with... all my devices with ONLY device names, no location information. Pick a number, any number. OK, I choose one, test it, save it. It now shows up as a widget labeled
    RA2S Smart...
    If I add all 11 devices in the Family room, they will all have identical labels.

    I've got to be doing something wrong, right?