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Way to use mobile WITHOUT logging in at home? Also, always error when logging in

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    Way to use mobile WITHOUT logging in at home? Also, always error when logging in


    I have an Android 1.1.11-107 HS Mobile Version, Homeseer, OS version 9. Everything the latest.

    First of all since I'm in the home, why do I have to log-in??

    When I do launch the app, I always get the same time-consuming sequence:
    -It says "Connecting to system" and a rapid spinner.
    -45 seconds ish passes
    -Error pops up: "Unexpected error. Please try again. The operation was cancelled."

    I'm then presented with a log-in screen with my name and password pre-filled in and I hit enter. It accepts these and I'm presented with the dashboard.

    Nice but not usable. It means that a single operation takes like a minute. My preference (and I would assume _everyone's_ preference would be) not to log-in. Not exactly a bank account. But if I have to log-in, anyway to get the error not to happen??

    Any help appreciated!

    Strange that there is no comment on this from HS. I've had the same problems that you have, and I find that this behavior is unacceptable. My garage is by the road on a 90 degree angle. And when I drive up to my garage and want to use HS Mobile to open the garage door, I'll be sitting in the middle of the road for a minute or so before finally being able to trigger the door to open. More than one time another car has come up behind me, forcing me to drive the car onto the pedestrian walk to give room for the other car to pass me, while still fiddling with HS Mobile.


      I have had the same issue.

      Just upgraded from HS3 to HS4

      In HS3 no problem with HS-mobile auto-login

      After swiching to HS4 i have got the same problem, long waiting time end then the "Unexpected error" message, then back to the login page (credentials already filled in) and the next login is successful.

      Ik have then unchecked the "remember me" function and closed HS-Mobile app

      Start HS-Mobile app, got login screen, let lastpass fill in my credentials and could login without problem, then i checked the "remember me" function again!

      And now everything is working like before, auto-login within 2 seconds

      Perhaps this also works for you