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    Landscape Camera Details View

    Can anybody see their camera details (single camera view-entire screen) in Landscape view??? Please respond if you can

    I am using HS Mobile Android (1.1.11) with HS3 ( and when HS Mobile is in landscape view and I select one of my cameras it goes to the details page in portrait mode (even with the phone staying in landscape view) I have searched for any comments on this issue and I found a beta release stating this was to be fixed in a future release and then the release notes for version 1.1.0 state:

    Bugs Fixed
    • [HSM-496] Some Dashboard locations are still unavailable after moving a widget out of that spot
    • [HSM-388] Landscape orientation is not yet supported on the camera details page
    • [HSM-387] Scrolling while dragging to move a widget is not yet supported
    But it still does not work for me.

    Am I missing something??

    Thanks in advance for any help.