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Smartthings integration question

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    Smartthings integration question

    Quick question - when using the Smartthings integration, does HS4 communicate directly with the Smartthings hub, or does it require the internet connection to read device status etc?
    Main reason for me to consider HS4 is that I want to be internet independent for automations and I currently have everything set up with Smartthings... (am using TP-Link switches, Smartthings sensors and Caseta dimmer)

    Me too.

    Currently, I'm using Smartthings and consider to upgrade to HS4 (actually, I have a license of HS3Pro), and I would like to know how HS4 interact with Smartthings hub.


      I read a few things about the plugin and it sounds as if they use the Smartthings API, which - again assumption - means they connect to the site, so no direct communication with the Smartthings hub.


        I will only share my experience as I am not an expert on how it works underneath.

        I have smarthing to take care my alarm, smoke detector and garage opener managements which need a reliable integration with our smartphones (mainly my wife's one).
        Homeseer started as a pet project for me to create more advance automation mainly for light managements.
        My plan was to move everything to homeseer but the sub level ease of use of their Mobile app at this time prevents me to do so (still having connection with IOs).

        I installed the HS4/Smarthing plugin and I must say that I am pretty happy with it, I can finally integrate and control all the scene and devices I have under SS in my overall HS4 platform.

        One big caviat, Sending command is great and I could not see a latency diference between the Plug in or using Samrthing directly, getting status is another story, it takes minutes, yes, that long, to get a device to update its status which is a real pain/problem.

        Bottom line, I am stuck playing with 2 apps on my cell phone when my wife can still only use smarthings.

        Almost there..


          Are you able to access lights connected to the Smartthings hub as devices in Homeseer? I don't see them in the event creation window.