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    Just got a hometroller SEL setup and am trying to VNC into it with vnc viewer am keep getting connection refused. Do these have this enabled from the factory? Thank you

    Personally I would run the SEL headless and manage it via SSH and a remote web browser.

    There really isn't much to see while Homeseer is running on the SEL.

    Do these have this enabled from the factory?

    Thinking on the Windows embedded HS3 Pro boxes it is but not on the Linux boxes

    What works OK is RDP. To install RDP for Linux do the following:

    With a remote SSH do the following.


    1 - sudo apt-get install xrdp
    2 - sudo apt-get update
    3 - sudo apt-get install mate-core mate-desktop-environment mate-notification-daemon
    4 - sudo sed -i.bak '/fi/a #xrdp multiple users configuration \n mate-session \n' /etc/xrdp/

    VNC Server

    1 - sudo apt-get update
    2 - sudo apt-get install tightvncserver
    3 - vncserver (to configure password stuff)

    Read here to continue to configure vncserver ==> Configure VNC Server
    - Pete

    Auto mator
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    HS4 Pro - V4.1.18.1 - Ubuntu 22.04 / Lenova Tiny M900 / 32Gb Ram
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      Thank you Sir!