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Ultra VNC and remote login?

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    Ultra VNC and remote login?

    I'm trying to remote login to my Hometroller S6, it has Ultra VNC preinstalled and running at defaults. I have port forwarding turned on for 5800 and 5900 on the home network. I am unable to get any access using the ipv4 address. I am not a networking guru, so I'm sure the error is on my end, I just can't really understand where to go from here. I searched for videos etc, and the only forum info I'm finding is from 2004.

    My Hometroller S6 shipped with instructions for a HomeTroller SEL. So I may be missing some obvious instruction set that is part of the S6 package.

    Any pointers?

    I have a 3 year-old S6. It was delivered with RealVNC server rather than UltraVNC. The HomeSeer S6 user guide (page 3) is/was incorrect in that (1) the port for Java access is 5800 not 5900; (2) port 5800 wasn't active, the only way that worked was to install a VNC viewer (which connects over port 5900) on my desktop PC; (3) as delivered the display would remain blank unless the connection was made while an HDMI monitor was connected to the S6. I found a fix for this, which is to set the display to "Mobile PC device". Its worked fine ever since.

    I posted this fix a couple of times in this Hometroller S6 subforum; however in the recent forum update the contents of the subforum were deleted. Apparently support for their most expensive offering is not a priority...

    Another thing to check is that the firewall is configured to allow incoming connections on both ports 5900/5800. My S6 was delivered with the firewall as well as every other security measure disabled so I had to configure this myself as I repaired the wreckage.

    PS. be careful regarding the port forwarding, This is only necessary if you need to access from outside your LAN, and is a huge security risk with these non-secure protocols.


      Hi, zwolfpack,

      Was having the same issue with a blank screen when accessing an S6 Pro. Hooked up and HDMI cable and it worked fine. Thank you. However, I cannot find where to set the display to Mobile PC Device. I'm on the latest version. Can you tell me where it is?



        My S6 is Windows 7; I can't find this same screen on my Windows 10 desktop.

        On Windows 7, Start->Control Panel->Display->Screen Resolution

        Closest I find on Windows 10 is at Settings->System->Display

        Try the 'Detect' button.

        Click image for larger version  Name:	S6 display resolution.PNG Views:	1 Size:	58.9 KB ID:	1275897