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How big of a HA system can the HomeTroller Plus handle?

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    How big of a HA system can the HomeTroller Plus handle?

    Migrated over to HS4 from a 10yo Lenovo laptop that could run W10Pro to a HomeTroller Plus running W10Pro. The actual migration was easy, but my new system is SLOW. I have a fair amount of devices, but most of them are switches and lightbulbs that don't get used a lot. The system load shows 91% and I am really not running much. Where I first noticed the slowness was in the Events section. I was cleaning up a few events and just removing missing device (clicking on a trashcan) took 23 seconds. Removing 4 devices took nearly a minute and a half. In HS3 on an OLD laptop it took about 4 seconds to delete 4 items. It is just that interface that is slower? I can live with that as once I get these events all working again, I won't use the events engine much at all. Tonight will tell the tale, though. Practicing with all the events from two years ago for Halloween. Lots of sensors and lots of events. HS3 machine intact so I can roll back if necessary.

    Anyway, what kind of numbers can a HomeTroller conceivably handle. 1000 devices? 2000? 500 events? Right now I am running about half of the plugins below and hardly any events other that daily actions like porch lights on at dusk and off at dawn. Nothing sophisticated or lengthy.

    Device Count 790
    Event Count 282
    Last Event Ran Counters : Front Door Visits, Ran at 10/30/2021 4:33:07 PM
    # of unique event scripts 1
    Processor: Intel64 Family 6 Model 92 Stepping 10 at 1.03 GHz
    Modules/Threads 130 Modules, 118 Threads
    Available Threads 1023
    System Load 181 Processes, 91% Load
    Free/Total Memory 1.61 GBytes / 3.85 GBytes (42% free)
    Free/Total Virtual Memory 1.94 GBytes / 4.54 GBytes (43% free)
    HomeSeer Memory Used 104 Mbytes
    Plugin Memory Used 14 EXE Plug-Ins using 410 Mbytes
    Plugins Installed BLLock,BLMediaPlayer,EasyTrigger,Global Cache Pro,Honeywell WiFi Thermostat,LIFX,MeiUnifi,Nest,NetCAM,Rachio,Tuya,UltraLighting3 3.0.7806.24993,WeatherFlow,Zodiac Iaqualink,Z-Wave,Z-Wave UI

    Processor: Intel64 Family 6 Model 92 Stepping 10 at 1.03 GHz
    And because the change to HS4 was mostly GUI related, it's still a pain managing Events... You will also need to work hard to perfect the Z-wave plug-in.
    If your script is complex, look at disabling it first and a few reboots to see if you get significant changes...

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