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Migrating to a new HomeTroller

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    Migrating to a new HomeTroller

    I have an HS4 instance running under Linux on server that I have in my house. It has a Z-Wave USB interface plugged into it. I want to migrate to a HomeTroller Plus that I just purchased. I didn’t see any directions or forum topics that explained how to go about this. It is entirely possible that they are there and I missed it. Can someone point me to somewhere where I can get some help or if there isn’t anywhere has anyone gone through this recently and have any advice?


    I'm in a similar situation with HS4 running under Windows and have just ordered a HomeTroller Plus. It would be really nice to be able to use the backup file from the PC installation to setup the HomeTroller completely in one smooth operation. I'm not sure if that will work though. In the case of Windows to Windows it may be possible to copy directories over but I'm not sure how locked down the HomeTroller is.

    Hopefully, someone will chime in with some solid advice. If not, there's always support.


      I opened a support ticket yesterday evening and already got a response. Posting it here for anyone else who is new to HS4 and may be migrating from a temporary or trial install to a permanent device for HS4.

      Support commented:

      Yes, see our backup instructions here:

      You will want to be on the same version of HS4 for both.

      Lastly, you will need to install your plugins and configure after loading the backup file.



        Thanks for posting this to everyone. It would have been helpful for me when I did it, except as I played with mine I killed my server instance and really didn’t have any option other than to start from scratch. Not sure if you will end up in this situation as well, but when I moved my Zwave stick, it lost the ability to talk to all of my devices so I had to start from scratch there too. One thing that I learned was that putting the hub in remove a device mode was key to forcing removal of each device (even though it had never been attached to that instance of the stick) prior to adding it to the new instance. Good luck.


          I don't plan on shutting down or de-installing the original install of HS4 until I get the Troller up, running, plug-ins installed, ZStick installed and restore it from the backup file of the original. Even if I have to install every device, yet again, I'll still have all the events and basic config for HS4. I'll post the results here once I'm done. I expect to be doing it by Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest based on tracking information and quick shipping by HS.


            The HomeTroller got here today but the switchover isn't going very well. I can't get past the registration page. It sees the new license as an upgrade from the trial version, then wants the license information from the trial version, apparently. That's where I'm stuck because it says those numbers and/or password are invalid. I have a ticket open with HS but don't expect an answer until tomorrow given that it's after 1900 here on the East Coast.


              I seem to have nothing but bad luck. I got the HT to register, with help from HS support. Went in, looked around and loaded, but did not activate the plugins I needed. Then I ran a restore from the existing HS4 instance. Waited a few minutes after that finished, the HT isn't the fastest device out there, and was going to power it down then back up to get the restored config loaded. I glanced at the network switch and there was no link to the HT, powered down on its own. Powered it back up and went back in. Nothing showed in devices or events. As I was pondering what to do next, the link light went off again. Incidentally, there is no indication when the HT is powered on, no network LEDs and no power LED. I timed it. It would shut down every two and a half minutes or so.

              Now it's stopped shutting down but when I bring up the interface all it is a long list of HTML errors. Waiting to hear from HS support yet again.


                I connected a monitor, keyboard and mouse this afternoon. I found that HS4 was waiting for an update. After shutting down the plugins the update went smoothly. Once that was done the HomeTroller Plus is working properly and I have all devices, events and the basic config from my original demo version on the licensed version now. I've shut down the demo version and will be running on the HomeTroller on a permanent basis.

                My recommendation is to attach a monitor, keyboard and mouse when first configuring the HomeTroller so you can see what's happening, like updates. You can restore from another backup of the same version safely other than needing to shut down HS4 on the HomeTroller and deleting the user.cfg and user.cfg.temp files from the HS4 config directory. To do that it's necessary to shut down HS4, delete the files, the restart HS4 and create a new user.