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Z -Net transmitting but not receiving ????

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    Z -Net transmitting but not receiving ????

    Hometroller S6 PRO is running HS3 and a Z-Net. . I have about 100 devices.
    I have 20 events that are triggered by 4 Eaton scene controllers ( each eaton has 5 buttons)
    Every thing worked great until I replaced my Orbi router/mesh WiFi system ( after a lightning strike)
    Now Homeseer can only be controlled by the web interface on my iMac .
    The Eaton controllers are invisible to the Hometroller. When I push any of the buttons it does not show up in the log
    Also when I trigger a scene from the web page I do not get the confirmation in the log.
    It’s like the Z-Net is transmitting but not recieving.
    Any Ideas ??

    "Also Add/Include a node" does not show the usual 'START" button. ????