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SEL Died - Got a Windows Pro - Restore problems - HS support Solved!

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    SEL Died - Got a Windows Pro - Restore problems - HS support Solved!

    Hi All,

    After many years of service my SEL died this weekend. No video, just bricked. I was able to pull the SSD from the SEL and with the help of a USB to SATA Cable and a utility called Disk Internals Linux Reader, I was able to pull some backups off the dead SEL drive and onto a USB stick. I I have three different backups all in ZIPs. Each ZIP file has multiple folders (, Data,zip, and

    When I begin the Restore process it all starts fine but bombs out with :
    "An error occurred while preparing for the restore: Error unzipping backup file: The file c:\programs\program files(x86)\restoreconfig\config\settings.ini already exists"

    I have tried deleting the settings.ini file on the Hometroller Pro and trying again with the same results and same error every time regardless of which backup zip file I use.

    What can you suggest to help me get around this problem and get my data restored? With hundreds of devices and events, I really do not want to start over. I was so pumped when I was able to get the backup file off the SEL and onto a USB stick for an easy restore. I do not see much value in a backup if I cant restore it !

    Can anyone suggest a solution? I never realized how dependent we were on Homeseer until it died !

    Can I wipe out the entire contents of the restoreconfig\config folder and try a restore from scratch or is there something in there the Restore process needs ? Any and all ideas welcomed and greatly appreciated!

    Many thanks,
    Joe M

    Huge shoutout to Matt in HS Support for modifying my backup files from the SEL so they could be applied to my Windows Hometroller Plus. All resolved within a day ! Outstanding job Matt! I was dreading having to start from scratch. Crisis and angst averted! All is well ! Thanks Matt!