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Building a graph (or report) with timers and counters

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    Building a graph (or report) with timers and counters


    I am wondering if anyone knows how to create a graph or report, like the built in Energy Graph, but for timers and/or counters? We have a gas heater and I have timers and counters that track its daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly time it is on. I know how much gas the heater consumes while it is on, and so if this was possible, I could easily track my gas consumption.

    Been searching through the forums, but nothing surfaced yet.

    Thanks for any help.


    Hi Bryan, if you are on Windows, then this is a good option:

    HS 1990 Devices 1172 Events
    Z-Wave 126 Nodes on one Z-Net


      sparkman Thanks Al! Unfortunately I am on a Mac. Havent used Windoze since XP...


        The "Device History" plug-in works well for this. Found under "Utilities" in the updater, by skWare.

        You can set it to monitor any device(s), including counters {I haven't tried it with timers - you'd probably need to update a different device with the actual timer duration you want to record before resetting it). You can create an on-demand graph from the web interface, and/or embed in HSTouch.

        Overall thread:

        Thread discussing building graphs into HSTouch:

        Another graphing example:

        PS: I'm doing almost the same thing as your goal, but tracking how often the sump pump operates.


          NutsyHome - thank you so much for your help. This is very insightful, but unfortunately I don't use Windows, nor will I ever in the future. I am a Mac guy. Sadly this is not so important for me to pay for a Windoze license to run in a VM and drop the $199 for the HSTouch Designer License.


            If your intent is to manually create graphs on demand, you can do that directly from the Zee's web interface via the Plug-in menu for Device History... HSTouch is not required, it's just an alternate display option.


              Oh do I find this? I am on "Interfaces and Add Ons" and expanded "Additional Interfaces". Unfortunately I do not see a way to search for a plug in?


                Ah, never mind. Found it in "Utilities". I am guessing it is the one for $29.95 by skWare Technologies (shill) -- again, not so important to drop $30.

                Thanks again for your help. Really appreciate it...


                  Yes, "Device History" by skWare. It has a free trial so you can play around, read through his forum, and see if it suits your needs.