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Upgrade original Zee to Zee S3

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    Upgrade original Zee to Zee S3

    Is there a procedure to upgrade my original Hometroller Zee to S3 hardware if I but a new Pi? Thanks!

    You should be able to use the old license on new hardware. You may want/need to build a new SD card and transfer your data though, depending on the OS version on the old system, and on what new rpi you buy.

    Raspberry Pi 3 B+ requires Raspbian OS version "stretch" (the latest)
    Raspberry Pi 3 B requires Raspbian "stretch" or "jessie".


      The Zee images don't use systemd (systemctl) to start HS3 - instead they start from /etc/rc.local (which has been deprecated since the 1990's IIRC - go figure).

      My upgrade procedure would look something like this...

      1) Export your existing database: go to TOOLS->Setup, click Backup Config, download & save the generated file.

      2) Export your events: From Setup, go the the 'Labs' tab, click 'Export Events'. Download & save the file "events.json", by replacing the part after the "/" in the browser address bar with "events.json" and press Enter. Repeat this for files "event_groups.json", and "timers.json".

      3) Shutdown your old system, open the case, remove and save the old SD card.

      4) Download latest HS3-Pi image from Follow instructions on that page to burn the image to a new SD card.

      5) Assemble upgraded system with new Pi, new SD card, old Z-Wave GPIO card and old case. Follow instructions to get it running and registered.

      6) Import your database from file saved in step (1): TOOLS->Setup, Restore Config.

      7) Check your events - if they aren't correct (missing IF statements is common symptom I believe), it will be necessary to restore events from the files save in step (2). The files need to be uploaded to the /usr/local/HomeSeer/html folder, then imported via the Setup 'Labs' tab, 'Import Events' button. (If you need help getting the files uploaded, please ask).