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Questions re Smartthings to Homeseer migration

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    Questions re Smartthings to Homeseer migration

    Hi all,

    I have decided to give HS another try in a small office building I own (house size at just 3000 SF) as a Zee. I currently use Smartthings there and it works reasonably well, but I want more control over rules/events than I can achieve with Smartrules and Smarththings, as the cloud processing is, admittedly, occasionally a problem. So, for “transferring” Z-wave switches, is there a process that must be followed? Specifically, must I remove the switches from Smarththings before adding them to Homeseer, or can I just leave them in Smarththings and unplug the Smartthings hub before turning on Homeseer and adding the switches, which would leave Smartthings as something to return to if I don’t like the Homeseer/Zee experience?

    Thanks in advance for help and replies, and here’s to hoping this goes well... I was a raving fan of HS back in the old 1.x days, but much less so in later iterations. My lurking on the board now and then suggest that things seem to be better now than in past years (more stable), so I’m hoping to make my peace with HS again and return as a happy Zee user. And yes, I’m aware of the 5 plugin limit, etc.

    This would be a lot easier if I knew what I was doing...

    There is a one-way migration process with Z-Wave and Zigbee devices. This is not a HS limitation but the nature of the devices and is the same for any system.

    1. Exclude the devices from SmartThings. This is done with the ST app exclude function and the exclude process which is defined by each device. Example tap button 3 times quickly is common for a lot of devices. Once the device is successfully excluded from ST (may take a couple tries) move on the step 2

    2. Now you include the devices into HS. Go to the plugins -> z-wave controller page and select the controller. From the drop down of actions select include device. Click start and then set the device into include mode. You can also use the Z-Tool+ mobile app to move around to each device. I have had hit/miss success with this app on Android and iOS and have to restart the app every few devices.

    Devices are excluded AND included one at a time. It is best to start at the farthest device when excluding and work your way in towards the controller. Then reverse this when including devices. Start near the controller and work outward to the farthest device.

    You can leave all of your ST device handlers in place if you decide to move back to ST.

    You may have to pick a few devices to start with and practice the exclude/include routine and get comfortable with the HS process and how devices are added with a floor/room and naming and determine a naming scheme you like before adding a larger number of devices. Doing this upfront sames time in the end.


      Here have sent / replicated my HS3 ZWave network to the Smartthings hub and Leviton VRCOP en masse from my Homeseer 3 ZNet like device.

      The Smartthings and VRCop ZWave controller autonomously speak to the same ZWave devices.

      I have never tried to send the Smartthings ZWave database over to the HS3 ZWave controller.

      I do not see the option in the Smartthings login website GUI. I think that maybe the option is there in the Android Smartthings application though.

      This would be a fast and easy way to do this. Each of the controllers would be a primary such that you could just shut down the hub or keep it going and control your ZWave devices from both HS3 and the Smartthings Hub. Only thing is that each controller doesn't see what the other controller is doing.

      Guessing that it might work and it really doesn't mess anything up if you try. Here tried except that my HS3 controller is in the attic and the Smartthings box is on the main floor. It should work if the two devices are next to each other. This is how I sent the HS3 ZWave network to the VRCop and Smartthings hub.

      Click image for larger version

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      - Pete

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        Thanks, Simplex and Pete. I think this should keep me busy for a little while this weekend. We shall see...

        This would be a lot easier if I knew what I was doing...