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Zee no longer boots

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    Zee no longer boots

    I have been using the Zee for 3+ years with out issues until recently. I have had to reboot it about once a week.
    Now it will not reboot. It starts to but hangs somewhere in the process. Initially it was hanging during Chkdsk with it finding many issues. If I keep rebooting it can get further, even to where it will ask for login, but not a password.

    Should I be looking to replace the SD, is that possible with this generation?

    When it does get far enough to be on the network, the UI is not available, nor is port 911. I haven't had any luck holding or pressing the shift to get it into recovery mode either.

    Any ideas?

    It does sound like your SD card is failing. You should buy a new one and reflash the unit but your old Zee license will not work. Fortunately for you this week the Zee S2 software is free.