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Zee S2 randomly becomes unresponsive and forgets nodes

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    Zee S2 randomly becomes unresponsive and forgets nodes

    Occasionally I'll go to use the web interface for my Zee S2 and it gives me a blank screen.
    The light on the box is green but I also can't ssh into it.

    When this happens, I unplug the power and plug it back in to get going again (don't know what else to do).

    The UI always comes back, but about 20% of the time a bunch of the nodes (not all) become disconnected with what's shown on the home page of the UI.

    Tried backing up the system when things are good, but restore is a hit or miss. Sometimes the latest backup works, sometimes an older one works, sometimes none of them work. Seems like maybe I'm not backing up everything?

    Any ideas on how to do a full backup of the connectivity info of the nodes?

    You should put in a help desk request at as there's a new build that may fix this issue for you.


      Will do. Thanks Rupp!