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DD/MM/YYY date format

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    DD/MM/YYY date format

    I'm sure I've seen or read how to do this somewhere but search isn't coming up with anything (other than the sticky to change the time format which I guess is similar?). How do I get the HomeTroller Zee S2 to display dates in the UK dd/mm/yyyy format instead of as current mm/dd/yyyy? Thanks.

    Annoys the utter crap out of me too - have done so much messing around but sadly this has nothing to do with timezone or location, rather HomeSeer doesn't parse the format when showing in device status and events.

    Really screws me over for first 2/3 of the month as I'll think something hasn't triggered in months when it is actually just showing the day as the month... last third of the month is okay as right now 21/24/19 it is obvious things are stuffed as there is obviously no month 24.