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New Installation/Migration - Differences - Wemo Switch Modules vs. Z-Wave Devices

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    New Installation/Migration - Differences - Wemo Switch Modules vs. Z-Wave Devices

    Hello All,

    I'm a former user of Homeseer (long ago) who has now returned "home". I just received my HomeSeer HomeTroller Zee S2 Home Controller yesterday. At the moment, I have the following overall environment to migrate into a Homeseer "world":

    • HomeTroller Zee S2 on APC UPS (will be purchasing additional controllers for second and third locations)
    • 15 Wemo Outlet Modules (with Wemo App)
    • 50+ Z-Wave Devices (with Wink App)
    • 6 Amcrest POE, articulating webcams
    • Migrating Away from 4 Wink Hubs Gen 1 & 2's.
    • Two Wink Wall Panel Controls
    • Two Other Remote Locations (a 2nd home & a cabin; Z-Wave Devices, Wemo Outlet Modules, etc.)
    • 10 Amazon Cloud Cams
    • 6 Schlage Locks
    • Davis Vantage VUE Weather Stations at all three locations
    • The HomeTroller is linked to the Amazon Echo (Alexa) "Network" - 15 Echos here and there.
    • Dell R710 (2), Dell R610 (1), and HP Gen 8 Servers (1) with ESXi-based Virtual Machines; used for Plex, web servers, etc.
    • 8-Bay Synology Server
    • 1 GB up/down Fiber Internet Service
    • Ubiquiti UniFi Property-Wide Wi-Fi Network (high-density APs & Mesh; inside/outside Wi-Fi service all locations; about 125 networked devices)
    • We have a serious need for device & network stability; something that was missing from the Wink setups.
    Our home automation configuration will be very fluid as I relearn Homeseer. The HomeTroller Zee S2 may ultimately be moved to the cabin location and the home controller functions would be relocated to one of the server virtual machines (Windows or Linux). We'll just have to see how that plays out as we move forward.

    I set up the HomeTroller Zee S2 yesterday with 10 Wemo Outlet Modules (using the Wemo Plug-in for the HomeTroller). I configured the built-in Z-Wave controller on the HomeTroller Zee S2 and "migrated" two Z-Wave devices (Leviton Controlled Wall Switch Outlet & an external, waterproof Jasco Switch). No significance to why I chose these two devices other than they were just handy.

    Now to the specifics of my first configuration/migration of a couple of Z-Wave devices formerly on the Wink System:

    After setup, I see differences in how the Wemo & Z-Wave devices appear in the Device List. The two, single line entry items at the top are the Z-Wave devices. The last two items are actually one Wemo Outlet Module that controls a lamp called the "Turtle Lamp".

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Screen Shot 2020-05-11 at 8.55.20 AM.png
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    The Wemo Plug-in was very easy to install and instantly located every Wemo device in our home.

    The Z-Wave devices seem to require that each individual device be done one-at-a-time as they each require a "push" of a button on each Z-Wave device to be added to the HomeTroller network. I also had to "uninstall" each Z-Wave device from its previous controller (Wink App) before it could be added to the HomeTroller. One in place, the Z-Wave devices only have a single line entry for each one vs the two-line entry for the Wemo devices.

    On the Wemos, what is the function/reason for a "status" and a "root" entries? What are the uses/applications for such entries?

    Our home automation network and other devices have grown considerably since the days of X10 and Insteon. I would appreciate any suggestions you may have as we migrate back to Homeseer including segmenting devices, best ideas as to how to migrate in a more automated fashion, identification of devices, tips, best practices, etc.

    I'm also an Amateur Radio (ham radio) operator so we have lots of communications gear that is networked and remotely controlled & accessed.

    Thank you.

    Chattanooga, TN