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Is detailed documentaion available?

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    Is detailed documentaion available?

    I recently bought a very simple Z-wave hub (Ezlo Atom by Vera) and I think a more sophisticated controller will be more to my liking. I'm considering a Zee S2.

    I found the HS3 Online Help File which gave me a good idea of what to expect but I would really like to find out in greater detail what it can do. I have specific questions and there are sure to be details I haven't considered.

    Is there documentation that could spell out exactly what I might choose for a event triggers and actions? For example, are variables available outside of scripting? Can I compare a timer to some kind of variable or even a counter? Are arithmetic operations possible? What does the GUI look like for changing Z-wave device parameters?

    I'm not saying I would use any of these features, if available, but I'd like to know what's possible. Any help in finding more detail would be greatly appreciated.

    I was searching the HomeSeer forums for certain information on network setup for one of the linux controllers like the Zee S2 and saw your post from the 6/29/20 with no replies. I hope you don't close the door on HomeSeer as I feel it is one of the best systems out there for the person who wants to customize things.
    Documentation is scarce and doesn't go very deep. Most your questions have an answer of yes, but what you need to know will likely have to be searched for on the forums. The best resource is often other users and there are a lot of people willing to help. There is an excellent group of posts called "Event Clinic" written by the user, rprade, which helped me understand and improve the effectiveness of my events way beyond what I had done on my own. If HomeSeer were able to produce similar articles for the rest of the system, there would likely be less unanswered posts on the forum.


      Thanks for the reply. I'll check out the Event Clinic forum.

      I didn't wait long before buying a HomeTroller Pi running HS4. It's doing well for my needs. I've found ways to accomplish things that don't look like they're built into the "language" such as using counters as variables. I'm sure the Event Clinic will have some ideas I can use.

      I want to work completely within the HS4 environment as opposed to writing scripts or Linux commands although I'm OK with using built-in code. This makes it important to me to know the full extent of what HS4 can do for me.


        I have had a HomeTroller Zee on HS3 for a number of years. After reading about HS4, I decided to upgrade, however the Zee is no longer supported and they had no migration path. I also purchased the HomeTroller Pi on HS4. I finally have all devices transferred now and am in the process of rebuilding all the events.
        How did you go about connecting the HT Pi to your local network? I haven't found any documentation stating how to specifically choose a direct ethernet connection or WiFi. The old Zee only had a direct connection. I can connect to the HT Pi via a local network PC Browser sometimes but it often times out trying. MyHS always works. I'm wondering if it's using WiFi and ignoring the direct connection.


          The HT Pi didn't need any setup to make Ethernet work. Since the HT Pi is sitting a few feet from my router, I planned to leave it plugged in. The only setup I did was to reserve an IP address on the router, which I do for any devices that are part of my home network.

          I haven't used the WiFi option but have seen it. Use the web interface and go to Setup -> Network where you can see available networks, enter SSIDs and passphrases, etc. I assume this will work but I haven't tried.