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Moving entire network from ZeeS2/HS3 to new Hometroller Pi/HS4

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    Moving entire network from ZeeS2/HS3 to new Hometroller Pi/HS4

    Wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction. I currently have a ZeeS2 running HS3 with everything working well. I've liked what I've seen of HS4, though, but instead of trying to update (emphasis on "try") the Zee to HS4, I decided to spring for a new Hometroller Pi with HS4 already installed. Now I'm looking for any info that might help me simply copy the entire ZeeS2 network (nodes, configurations, events) to the HTPi instead of having to build everything from scratch again. Can it be done by getting the HTPi online and restoring from backups of any/all necessary files? If so, can someone school me on everything that needs to be backed up for such a restore operation to work?

    Thanks for any help and/or suggestions!

    The ZeeS2 may be similar to Homeeroller PI (You may need to contact support) on that one but spend some time here :

    If you have a spare SD card so can take out the one from the New Hometroller PI and keep it safe aside. You could then follow these instructions from here : register it with the new code for Hometroller PI

    BUT the main emphasis here is save save and save everything.
    • You may even only need to do this
    1. Update your Zee S2 to build 551, do this from Setup, General tab. This is required as it will update the system with a new restore file.
    2. After HS3 551 is running, go into setup and select the Backup option to backup your data. This will prompt you to download a zip file once the backup is complete. This file will be downloaded to the system where your browser is running. Save this file in a safe place as you will need it later when you restore your data to HS4. Do not unzip this file.
    In other words you may only need the backup and installing your new Hometroller PI

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      Thanks for the crazy quick reply, Eman. I'm on it...